Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reminder--Today's Study Soiree

Good Day, Ladies,
I hope this note finds everyone well. I wanted to send out a reminder that we will be meeting tonight at Precocious Memories Bookstore at 6:30. Please call me for directions, if needed.

I have published last weeks session on line, FINALLY. And, I am preparing Bathsheba's monologue to production as well. I'm a little behind schedule.

This weekend was a tumultuous one. This Sunday one of my beloved friends, a young man of 33 years, had an acute stroke, at my home no less. Please join me in prayer for him. He is such a wonderful man of God, a youth pastor, and a teacher.

Finally, we have every intention on broadcasting our study this evening on line through the call in number. The issue may be whether Precious Memories will have an internet connection. I'm not sure it does. If it doesn't I will try my creative best to make it work anyway. (A wi-fi subscription maybe?) I am committed to making this work, I just wanted to let you in advance their may be some technical difficulties that I've not been able to work out by 7pm call in time.

I can't wait to see you tonight, where Rachel, Leah, Bilhah, and Zilpah await introduction. We are talking about wives, husbands and wives, as it pertains to Proverbs 31:10-12. I can't wait to see you!

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