Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lesson 1--Leah


The meaning of Leah is “tired, weary” and is it any wonder that when she gave birth to six tribes of Israel, and Dinah. Is it any wonder when she tirelessly sought the love and favor of her husband? Is it any wonder that this is her name when she was locked in unceasing battle with her sister Rachel over the headship position in the home?

I’m exhausted with just my three boys, and a dirty house—and my husband loves me. Her lot in life might seem so extreme that we overlook her example in our own lives. I would challenge you, get to know Leah, you would be surprised what inner strength and boldness belie her reputed “weakness.”

I want to begin with naming and being called by…etc. Leah was called weary and tired every day of her life. It was what her parents bestowed upon her as a name. It was what was hollered at her in anger. It was what was whispered to her in the night. Leah—weary and tired. And, yet, the irony of it is this, Leah was not constrained by what she was called. She was not constrained by what others thought of her.

How do we know this? Because, she continued to work miracles in her life, because she continued to walk in the council of God.

How have you broken the mold of what other’s have called you?

vv.29:31 When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved, he opened her womb

vv.30:17 God listened to Leah

Leah spoke her hearts desires to God. She pledged her life to serving the LORD. I think its right in this space that we find the strength and boldness of mission in Leah’s life. I think its here in her dialogue with God that she was able to move. God listened to her and He took action.

So often, we think of God’s discourse when the men in the Bible, he wrestled with them, he fought with them, he commanded them. But, you know what? He listened to us women as well. And when he did, he took action. That alone should allow us to move boldly through our lives.

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