Sunday, June 24, 2007


Jochabed--The weaver of baskets.
In my podcast program I read a quote from the book, The Five Books of Miriam.
And like Noah, my mother made for him [Moses] an ark made of papyrus reeds sealed with pitch, within which, she sheltered our people's future.
This is just a wonderful vision of a woman who used her skill and industry in what may have seemed a small, insignificant way--not to mention a little risky. But, she contributed to a nation in such a big and impactful way. I would ask you though, how many of you really knew the name of Moses' Mother?
In my last post I concentrated on skill and industry from the vantage point of someone in the workplace. That vantage point was from someone who was selfish in her desire to succeed. In this post, I want to discuss skill and industry from the vantage point of being a mother, as someone who is willing to apply her skill and industry to uplifting of her people.
In my estimation, motherhood is full time employment. It takes great levels of creativity, skill and industry to raise one child, let alone a brood. Have you realized that as a mother, you are contributing to a nation? Each child has the potential in them to be the savior of their nation. We must "simply" raise them as though they have that potential. I say simply to be ironic. I think so often people assume that raising children is easy.
I have three boys. As you can assume anytime you have a house full of boys, the house gets a little crazy sometimes. I explain to them that the state of Virginia defines parenting as feeding, housing and clothing children. Its does not have any laws governing raising them responsibly or loving them. Unfortuneately, in some cases, people believe that this is a sufficient form of parenting. It is not. You've all heard this verse countless times:
Raise a child in the way that he should go, and when he departs, he will return to it.

It was more than the act of Jochabed's sending her son down the river in a small ark that saved the Israelites from bondage in Egypt, it was going to the palace to act as a servant in order to raise him. Within the palace of the Egyptians, Jochabed was able to raise a man who would become the Leader of arguably one of the strongest and sustaining people ever to grace the Earth. God's own nation. Spiritually speaking, she raised a leader who would walk with and in God's own counsel. She raised him to be use by God.

Challenge yourself in this way...for one week, keep a parenting journal.
How many times did you say "I love you."
How many times did you kiss/hug your children?
What are some of the important discussions you had regarding them?
What are some of the important discussions you had with them regarding your parenting relationship with them?
What about your parenting this week was really positive to you?
What was a "Memory Moment" this week between you and at least one of your children?

Notice the positives? Let's concentrate on the positives today.

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