Sunday, June 10, 2007

When Control can hurt

Basically, in a nutshell ladies...too much control tends to be a bad thing as well.
Too much control blocks our ability to see the possibilities and potential that is lying hidden/dormant in a situation. We usually tend to ease towards control out of fear. Fear of the future; fear of the unknown, fear of ourselves; fear of another's reactions.

When proverbs 31 says that she works vigorously at her tasks, I think we are wanting to say that she controls everything. Ok, let me back that up...I, Vida, want to say that means she's in control. That is my personal definition of "work hard." In my erroneous estimation, I want to believe that if I work hard enough, then everything will be "under control." My husband had to stop me today. I have a big day coming up on Wednesday of this week. This could be so totally lead to some positive, but major changes in my career. So...I had him hostage in the car for an hour and a half. And I wanted to talk about my upcoming Wednesday. So, after I rambled on for about a good 20 minutes, he stopped me and said, "Stop thinking so much about it. You are killing the possibilities by planning for the unknown factor." In other words, I had not even gotten to the day, and already I had not only it planned, but any suceeding days/issues that might arise. He asked me to allow tomorrow to be tomorrow, and today, relish the moment. Sieze this...and be open to how it will affect tomorrow.

I have been concentrating on our health this week. How our stress at working hard can induce negative health issues, and vice verse, our negative health issues can adversely affect our life's work. I've been concentrating on Stress because I believe it is the number one contributor to our poor general health.

Being a control freak does not reduce your stress. The attempt to get 'everything under control." Is not only unrealistic its fatal. Instead seek balance in all things. Is that a biblical principal. I'm not sure, I'll see...but it is common sense. The beauty in the rainbow is that it spontaneously appears. Planning for the sunny day, that is beset with a shower would upset the control freak, since she had planned for a sunny day. However, this anger, and frustration would keep us from seeing the beauty of the rainbow in the skies.

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