Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Women with Issues--Proverbs 31:16

Its been a week since posted.
I think that's been pretty much the pattern lately.

Today we talk about Women with Issues. Our health. Proverbs 31:17:

17 She sets about her work vigorously;
her arms are strong for her tasks
Yesterday, I was having a conversation with co-workers that quickly digressed into an outline of all the health issue we were experiencing. Hyper-tension, anemia, high blood pressure...
Did I fail to mention that we are on a high-stress project right now?

Initially, when I read the verse above, and I thought about the women with the issue of blood, and Jairus' daughter, I was going to discuss initimate health concerns, such as infertility, breast cancers and the like. After my discussion yesterday, I was hit with just how many of us have ISSUES with health. Its these minor issues that hurt and haunt us each day. Where the big diseases might foster a kind of physical isolation...these other diseases foster a mental and psychological isolation and anguish that we endure daily.

I used to say frequently, that looking at my mother, working women did not have the luxury of being sick. When I used the term "working" in this case, I am speaking of women heading up a single-parent household. If she didnt work, we didnt eat. So, back to my original statement. Working women did not have the luxury to be sick. There were no sick days for my mother to hang around the house with a "mental crash day." Where I am extremely blessed, is that my mother rode her bike to work ( we did not have a car) and she worked in nursing (a highly physical job). My mother remains extremely healthy to this day. This active lifestyle, oddly enough, was passed down to me.

Why am I using this as an example? My mother had a high stress lifestyle. This high stress lifestyle leads to health decisions and choices that undermine our ability to maintain this lifestyle without adverse affects to our bodies. And it becomes cyclical. If my mother had been unable to work because her health failed, how much would we children have suffered. much more would my mother's health have failed because of her inability to "care" for her children...and round and round and round.

In today's society, even in our two-parent families, our lifestyle is such that it requires both parents to work to make ends meet. Gas prices, home prices, milk prices... We've over extended our credit. We've bought into charging our lifestyles on future earnings. We are enduring layoffs...and taking jobs making less that what we are are worth.


Proverbs 31:17
Her arms are strong for her tasks...she is healthy.
She works with vigor...she works as her life's fulfillment.
That is her cycle. She creates a healthy balance in her life, that she may accomplish her life's work.

The woman with the issue of blood. (Luke 8) After she has spent her life's earnings (indicating a woman of indepedent means, by the way) on physicians...she casts her entire lot on the healing power of Jesus. In other words, she finally takes control of her own healing. She takes total control of her own life's meaning. Remember, she did not have the benefit of the cross, the bible, and the everyday teachings on the healing power of Christ. She did not even have the prompting of the Holy Ghost. All of those things came after the crucifixion of Christ. All she had was rumor.

"I heard about a man named, Jesus of Nazareth, who is performing healing miracles."

If she is able to take control of her life...take control of her health...take control of the decision making regarding her life...based on a much more should we be able to take control of our own?

I've got more on this...but tell me what you think so far...

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Anonymous said...

Do you think that sometimes the word can be misconstrued when it comes to the literal sense about women? although, I am not knocking women who rather stay at home, but the bible teaches women to be keepers of the house, but if she has to work, she should regardless if she is married or not.

With submission, both parties are to respect and submit unto one another, but there is suppose to be order,

Men think if they submit that they are weak and immasculated and women think if they submit they are also weak and not useful.

How do you feel about this?