Sunday, July 15, 2007


Todays Yahoo Groups Message: Your well-appointed temple.

We are going to stay with Esther. The immediate question that comes to mind is this: If we spend so much time emphasizing our internal purification, why do we need to spend any on the external?
I will recall for you Proverbs 31:22:
22 She makes coverings for her bed;
she is clothed in fine linen and purple.

In short the answer is because our bodies are the living temple of the Holy Spirit. As such, it should reflect being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Does that mean we should all be adorned with jewels and gold and shiny fabrics? Not necessarily. I think more importantly, your appearance should reflect the you, your presence. Lets talk about the Beautification that Esther went through..."and six with perfumes and cosmetics."
Okay, since I've already allowed more personal testimony in this topic than in most, I'll continue the personal treatment.*smile
I think Esther needed six months for the same reason my 87 year old grandmother still wear's Chanel. I think you have an array of tools--artistic tools--scents, colors, textures to best exhibit the best you. My grandmother decades ago decided that Chanel best smelled like her. The cosmetics and perfume industry would like you to believe that spending oodles of money on the latest trends in scents and makeup will somehow re-New You.
Yeah, I don't think so. I think instead you need to see the cosmentic section at Nordstroms, or Walgreens as an artist would an art supply shop. And you are representing the best part of you. Your body is your canvas. It is the temple that God spent a priceless amount to create.
Really work with your colors and scents, be choosy. Seek advice from sisters who are well put together. DO NO IMMULATE OR COPY~! Just because its in Glamour or used by Carolina Herrerra (My favorite designer by the way) doest not mean its for you. No, really take stock of your temple...what do the curves feel like? What do you smell like first thing in the morning? What does your hair look like just after you wash it and then air dry it. What do your eyes look like with no touchups?
Really, touch yourself feel the texture of your skin. Look at your self, become acquainted with the laugh lines. Get to know your neck--seriously, because there are no procedures that can change your neck! *smile Your hands, are they soft or calloused.
Then, go to your favorite cosmetics spot...what smells like you--but more? What shades will bring out the best in your own coloring? Do you have sensitive skin? Baby it. Do you have tough skin? Soften it. Do you have wrinkles? Personally, I say go with your maturity, and make it beautiful. Many of us want to live to be old ladies...just many of us want to look like we are twenty for the duration. That is not honoring the temple. Our temples age, ladies. They can either Age gracefully---or you can fight it. Me...I choose to fight it gracefully.*laugh.
Really, though, this is the greatest part about being a woman. We are able to represent our inner beauty outwardly--does it get any better for our inner artist?

You know what just occurred to me? This will tell you just how much attention I DONT pay to my appearance...Our outward appearance coupled with our inner presence(read yesterday's post) is what will attract people to us. And, as Christian women, we want to attract people? Why? Because we are living representatives of the ministry of Christ. That's the bottom line. I have a teenage girl in my house for the first time in my adult life. She watches me. I want to appropriately and passionately reflect Christ in my life. Why? Because I desperately want her to have Christ in her life so that she too may reflect the ministry of Christ in her life.
How's that for a common sense approach to beauty?

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