Thursday, July 19, 2007

Honorable with a big mouth

I got a very interesting email today. Sister Michelle K. asked me if during my Tuesday night Talkcast, I meant to imply that only assertive and aggressive women could be categorized by Honorable.
Categorically no. I did ask her to post her message to Yahoo Groups or to this blog. That being said, I actually thought the question was funny--and appropriate.

What I was trying to explain is that Huldah and Priscilla were women who were comfortable with who they were and they were married. That by being possessed of self-esteem, self-worth allowed them to be defined by who they were and not only defined as their role. They were sought out and/or accepted for who they were.

The biggest "test" I ask myself is this: Am I still the Me I was before I was mom, mother, sister...? I should be able to say yes, and--that ME is more wonderful as a mother, wife, sister--because at the root, it is still me. I remember the movie the Run Away Bride with Julia Roberts. One of the questions Richard Gere posed to her was did she know how she liked her eggs cooked since every single time she had a new fiance, she would eat her eggs cooked like her impending husband. It was not until she ran away from Richard Gere in a effort to find out who she was that she realized what kind of eggs she liked. Well, I like my eggs cooked scrambled soft in grits with butter and pepper. Go Figure.

That is why I wanted you to read Deborah's story. She is very statedly wife to Lippodath (which could also mean wife of honor), and yet she is the Judge who rides out in the front lines of battle with Barak. What is soo incredibly telling about this woman, about the strong spirit of God that resides in her, her strong sense of self, is that when Barak cowers, she rides into battle with him. She tells him that the battle will be given over to a female's hands. The Vida in me thought that the female would most definitely be Deborah. I was shocked and amazed that it was Jael.
What this showed me was that woman who is confidently with Honor does not HAVE TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION.

Hence...Michelle, she does not have to be a Big Mouth...she just must know who she is, how she likes her eggs cooked, so to speak.

How do you like yours?

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