Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tonights Tea Time

I do have some final words regarding last week's topic. We should wear linen and purple because we are descendants of Christ's priestly line. We should represent Him to his people--especially to our families. We can not discount our roles as ministers--ministers without titles, are ministers nonetheless, with the same responsibilities. We may not be ordained and in the pulpit, but we each should represent our Lord with the same passion of mission, and grace of purity in our intention as we expect from our Pastors, Ministers, Deacons, and Teachers.

Tonight we will start a week long discussion on the politics of religion. I really want to do Deborah...except my context for tonight's discussion is Proverbs 31:23, husband are honored at the city gate. So, Deborah will have to wait. Instead...we are going to look at my own Biblical Kindred sisters, Huldah and Prisca.
I can't wait to hear from you tonight!

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