Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Women, Politics and Deborah

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Last night I went over at length two of my kindred biblical sisters, Huldah and Priscilla. Proverbs 31:23 says that our husbands are respected at the city gates seated among the elders. I said that it was interesting that this verse being smack dab in the middle of the honorable woman's description is interesting. I think it is a whole lot more interesting than the old addage, "Behind every Good Man is a Good Woman." I think a more interesting view of it is that when a woman is able to stand on her own as an honorable woman, so is the man able to stand on his own as an honorable man.

Huldah is the Old Testament Prophetess who helped Josiah and Israel to "ratify" the recovered Books of Moses as being the Words of God Almighty. Priscilla is the New Testament Scholar Missionary who helped Ministers and Preachers of the word to clearly understand the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. Both of these women were identified with their husbands--initimately interconnected. We know that Aqulia (Priscilla's husband) traveled with Paul both as a tentmaker and in ministry to help plant churches. We know that Huldah's husband is from a strong lineage and has been working in the royal palace in the wardrobe.

The characters that would act as our "Bad Girl" foils would be Michal and David and Gomer and Hosea. Neither of these women had a strong sense of who they were, what their worth was nor what their missions were, consequently their husbands struggled as well. (Well, David did not struggle entirely, but I do think Michal is symptomatic of a larger disfunction. Michal is a very interesting character. I'd love to do a character study on her. She has alot of baggage and a lot of negative history that would have contributed to her low estimation of her self-worth. But, I am not sure this is the appropriate topic to handle that one. If you are interested, let me know...and you know me, I'll engage.)

This week, I'd like to discuss Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, and Jael and Barak. There story can be found: Judges 4 and Judges 5

Read through the verses, and tell me what you see first...

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