Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For Tomorrow!!!

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Okay…The beginning of a series always makes my stomache do little flips. I try to in my mind lay out what I think a good path would be. Then I pray about it. I do research on little things that I think would add a different flavor to often talk about topics. Then, I pray not to lead anyone astray with my own thoughts on a matter. But, truly, when I sit down to write about it, or when I sit down with you on Wednesday nights, I am starting with just a simple outline of interesting points. I try not to impose too much of my own biases in the conversation. And, since I tend toward the opinionated side, that is very important.*laugh

So tomorrow, we start with the Good Girls…Eve and Mary–and introduce Lilith. Of course no one sees Eve as a Good Girl. And we see Mary as the prototypical Good Girl. And Lilith is just a demon. But, what if they are two sides to one coin? There is a verse in Hebrews 12:23-24 that says

“You have come to God, the judge of all men, to the spirits of righteous men made perfect, 24to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.”

What in the world does that have to do with Mary and Eve? They are the mothers in this situation. If out of Eve came disorder and mayhem, and out of Mary came order and faith and hope, then are they not sides to one single coin called humanity? And was Eve always “bad”? Is Mary always “good”? Can these two sisters in their “goodness” and “badness” bring us closer to an understanding of our own “good” and “bad.”

The thing these sisters have in common is that they each set off a new world order by making bold personal decisions.

So, we will get into this tomorrow evening at 10pm. I just wanted to give you some food for thought before we got started. I know I like a chance to kind of think about an issue before responding. (It saves me from flying too far off the cuff.*laugh)

On another note, I am still working at compiling the Proverbs 31 series for download. I should have that ready for this week. As usual, there will be no charge. If you are unable to download for whatever reason, and need it sent to you on a disk, shoot me an email and we can go from there.

uhmmm…I think that’s all I have this morning. OH…I am trying to generate a daily meditation series for us. I know I love them when I go running. If you have a favorite verse and/or a song that you just love, please send them to me. I’d love to reflect the very diverse nature of us–not be so very bound by my own personal taste.

I’ll see you later…

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