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Do you know the Jewish folklore behind this character? Its pretty interesting. Lilith is said to be the character who was first created with Adam, at the same time as Adam, and in the same method as Adam. In other words she is the female part of “…male and female He created…” As the story goes, she decided that she did not want to be partners with Adam, so she left the Garden of Eden of her own accord to strike out on her own. Various cultures, after that episode, have vilify this character: She is a demon who eats babies, she is a sexual predator, etc.

Why study her—why consider any of the bad girls? Well, I’ve said it countless times. These girls do not just establish a “don’t do this” paradigm. That’s too easy. Instead, the bad girls really demonstrate pieces of ourselves, that if left unchecked can become extreme in a very negative nature.

In the case of Lilith, I absolutely appreciate her position. Lilith was saying to Adam, how dare you think I have to be what you determine I am. I am not someone for you to name–I can name myself. I was a created being just as you were, there is no dominance here. We are equals. I have my own relationship with the LORD, and if I want to be a pastor, I can be; if I want to be a deacon, I can be, if I want to remain chaste unto the LORD, I can be. Why? Because I am me. And, by the way, did I tell you that you can’t name me!

Does not the case of Lilith resonate in the church and political/social dynamics today? Do not sometimes you feel the intensity of Lilith’s cause on behalf of women and women-to-be?

In fact…why would we think her to be a bad girl at all? Furthermore, why would folklore and even the Hebrew Bible call her a demon–a screeching owl?

Because God called us to be in relationship with him AND EQUALLY one another.

The Lilith character balks against this notion. She laughs in its face, and leaves God and Adam in the dust. Look at Eve: Eve’s fall from grace was caused by her choosing the pride of knowledge over the intimacy with God. And what was her consequence?

“Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you.”

Before Eve chose sin…she was allowed equal status with Adam, having been created from his rib… and loving intimacy with the LORD having been crafted with his hands. In fact, so much so was her status in the Garden and with the LORD and Adam, that of all the animals, Adam was not able to “name” her, instead, she was called simply the female part of himself. However, after the fall, Eve was named by her husband, and was decreed that what she was seeking(greater knowledge/greater power) would always allude her, and so the desire for it would rule over her sentiments and, thusly, her life ever more. (Its called loneliness and desperation!) She knew what she’d had and lost–unlike Lilith who never gave it a chance to begin with.

But, unlike Lilith, who was doomed to demonhood…Eve was given a built in redemption…her offspring, Jesus, would crush the serpent. His flow of blood would redeem this consquence rebuilding the equlibrium for the Eve in us. But what about the Lilith in us…what should we do with her?

Appreciate her, but put her in her place. She is looking out for your best interests—but her manner could lead you to a very lonely and dark existence. Ultimately, her manner renders her incapable of finding relationships, either with others–Adam–or with God–she left Eden. Instead, see the need of relationships in your life and keep equilibrium by maintain intimacy with God FIRST! God can save you from an awful Adam.*laugh

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