Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deferred Dreams...Goals...Missions


Good Day to you.

I was thinking about Hannah, and out first verse of Isaiah 54, and I began thinking of our approach to our dreams. My grandmother used to say a dream is just a dream until its a goal. What she meant is that our dreams are wonderful figments of reality deeply set in our souls and given vibrancy in our imagination. But, until we move it into our realities and begin walking towards its, chipping away the marble to begin to reveal the sculpture, place the threaded needle in the fabric to construct the quilt…it remains a dream.

When Hannah left her husband and her family via Peninah, and sought after the Lord, she moved her dream into the realms of goal. Now, you might say, “She was praying for a child, Vida.” Yes, she was. But, as a believer in the power of God, if that is the only step she could take, it was a mighty step. I would challenge you, make your first step towards God, and then, to where ever else you need to go. If your dream is to win the Pulitzer Prize, step towards God, and then sit down and start writing. If your dream is to go to law school, step towards God, and then go to the school and get an application. If your dream is to open your own coffee shop, step towards God, then go visit some vacant spaces, talk to the real estate agent.

Mind you, you don’t have to seek God first…you can of course just do it!

But, your sister in me wants to encourage you that by going to God a couple things will happen:

1) If your dream requires a miracle–you’ve secured it. If I wanted to go to the Olympics today, that would take a miracle. However, it would be possible–and great. God can grant me the miracle and the strength and the endurance for me to really make that dream a goal and a reality.

2)Your dream will come with specific instruction. By tapping into the supernatural, you gain intuitive insight that you might not otherwise have access.

Lastly, I want to talk about actively deciding to defer a dream. If you decided at 13 you wanted to be a doctor. Someone scoffed and made fun of you, so you tucked that dream away…you had your dream stolen from you. If I were to ask you today why you did not pursue your dream, you would have no real answer. A dream actively deferred requires some thought process, analysis, faith and prayer. When at 35 I pull out that dream to be a doctor, I now need to make some decisions: How would I feel about 12 years of school starting today? How would it impact my family and friends? How would it impact my finances? With these thoughts in mind, is this something I really feel “called” to do? If the answer is yes, then start planning. If the answer is no…and this is a biggie…you must actively mourn the deferment and loss of that dream because, your dreams are an intimate reflection of who you are. when you lose a part of yourself, it takes some healing to become “ok” with it. Part of this healing is deciding how to approach your life in its absence. You might say to me, Vida, I do that now when I am not going after it. Nope…I disagree. That dream is still a place you go for comfort, as well as insane frustration when its compared to your current state. By deciding…actively deciding that it is no longer a dream, you remove both of those from your life. And, then, the path should take you towards something “else.” How do I know that…because life is not an abyss. We are part of a flowing current of life. Therefore, emptiness should rapidly fill. And, because you are becoming more intimately acquainted with ourselves and with God during these next few weeks, you will find that it will fill with dreams and goals that become more a mission in your life.

Whoa…a new term..dreams to goals to missions….

Our mission is something we actively do that reflects the most intimate part of ourselves. And, in turn, it reflects the most intimate part of our relationship with God. When our dreams turn to Goals, and our Goals turn to Missions…we know we are in our moment in time here on earth.

Now, ladies, I did not pepper this with scripture like I normally would. I will come back and edit it and add them. But, this is supposed to be interactive…please share with me scriptures you have found that reflect this principal…

Until later…

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